Sunday, April 8, 2007

Flash Earth

With the Map APIs being exposed by various service providers, there has been a fresh new surge of map applications in the web. One such new product is Flash Earth.

Its a typical Flash-driven Mashup which makes use of feeds from 8 sources: Google Maps, Microsoft Virtual Earth, Yahoo Maps, NASA Terra, etc. The user can select any of the above mentioned feeds. The navigation features are very similar to Google Earth; like zooming using the mouse wheel, click and drag, etc. The 'Search a Location' panel on the bottom-right of the screen is neat and quite accurate, along with latitude/longitude coordinates and the ability to save URL’s for exact locations.

Two features make this web application a winner

1. No external client is required to use all of Flash Earth’s features. All you need is a Flash-equipped web browser (I was able to run the application successfully on Firefox 1.5, Firefox 2, and Internet Explorer 6 and Internet Explorer 7)
2. Maps fill the whole browser window. No more navigating tiny and awkward frames, combined with the smooth zooming effect, Flash Earth handles like a regular desktop application.

Over all a great web product.

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