Wednesday, April 25, 2007

One Day at IIT Madras

On 24th of April '07, I went to the hottest and the most sizzling city (read literally) on Earth - Chennai (formerly Madras). It was an official visit and was planned for just one day.

There are a few friends of mine from college who stay in Chennai. Most of them work there, while a few are doing their post-graduation. Since it was a weekday, I thought it'd be wise to meet Gautam since he is studying M Tech at IIT there. I called him up the previous night and confirmed his availability.

I landed at about 8AM and reached the campus somehow by 9. The driver of my cab couldn't converse in English nor Hindi. I was surprised when he refused to acknowledge a college like IIT but knew Anna University instead. However, with the help of my travel coordinator I managed to reach the campus.

The IIT Madras campus is lush green, unlike any other part of Chennai. It is built on the forest land and you can see a lot of animals roaming around, esp deers. Students inside the campus use their cycles to commute. It reminded me of my college days, although, IIT can never be compared to a college like MVIT. There was only one thing in common - Chicks (if you can dare call them that). I didn't see one good looking chick there, except for a foreigner who was probably there on an exchange program.

I chatted with Gautam in his dorm most of the time. We had breakfast and lunch together in the mess. After that I went off to finish the work what I had come for. In the evening, Gautam had promised me to show some "real" chicks of his college. So we chatted over some coffee in the Cafe Coffee Day there. Later in the evening I hanged out in the hostel terrace and met another friend of mine - Prashant.

To wrap up, it was a pleasant break from the routine work in office. Reminded me of my college days. I hope I get a chance to be in such a place as a student once again sometime.

Pictures speak more than words. Here is a slide-show of my Day at IIT Madras. Make sure you select 'Show Captions' while watching it.

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