Monday, May 28, 2007

Longest day of my life (BLR-LHR-SEA)

0824 PDT, 28th May 2007. Seattle, WA.

You must have heard the phrase "being ahead of time". I just experienced it, when I flew from Bangalore to Seattle via London. I left Bangalore at about 0245 IST in my cab as I had my flight at about 0630 IST. It was pretty cool in the night and I was feeling damn excited about the trip.

The British Airways flight left on time. As always, I was unlucky enough to have an old fellow besides me. There was an empty seat between the two of us and I kept hoping someone 'interesting' would show up. But alas, it never happened. Anyways, I was more interested in sleeping at that time (Just to clarify, when I said 'sleeping' I meant 'dozing' and had no other malicious intentions).

The flight seemed pretty long, probably because I could hardly sleep. However I could see some really beautiful views from top. We flew over Dubai (check the snap above) and Mainland Europe before landing at Heathrow, London (LHR). The flight was delayed for about half an hour or so. That forced me to hurry to catch the connecting flight. I managed to finish the formalities just in time! I wanted to call up a few friends in UK but unfortunately I just couldn't.

After spending a few minutes in the Terminal 4 of LHR, I boarded the BA flight to Seattle. This time as well I didnt get to sleep much. Not because of any disturbance of any sort but because the view from the top was simply breath-taking.

We flew over Iceland, Greenland (see the snap above), Canada and finally landed in Seattle. Yippeeee!!! I have reached the country of dreams!!!

Gotta go now. Its Memorial Day here (an off day) so gotcha see some cool places around. Till then you can enjoy the pics I clicked on the Longest Day of my Life...

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