Sunday, May 6, 2007

Lunar Shots - Taking Pictures of the Moon

In my early days with Picasso, I tried clicking the moon with the full zoom (12X) using my Canon Powershot S3 IS in the 'Auto' mode. But, it always turned out to be a white blurred blob.

After doing a little research on the internet, I learnt some tricks about the 'Custom' option of my camera. I adjusted my shutter speed to 1/160, the aperture priority to f3.5, zoomed 12X and clicked. Voila! See what I got...

Full Moon

This is a cropped image, but I was really impressed with what I could do with this camera. I am sure had I got a tripod and a lens, the image would have been even sharper.


  1. Join NASA buddy.. Atleast as their Official Cameraman!! ;-)

  2. awesome ya.....
    get some more pics of the stars etc

  3. Great pic yaar ...
    C if you can find some life in moon with ur cam (thoda aur zoom maar ke );)