Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Silence before the Storm

Its been really long since I had posted anything here. I heard a lot of complaints, especially from my readers (read - one guy from office and another one from college, who was rather more relieved than concerned) of me not publishing the blogs so frequently! Well, I was neither busy nor was I out of town. It was just that I thought I'd reserve my enthu(siasm) for the days ahead of me.

For those who don't know, my days of being an Indian all throughout these twenty-four years, has been finally compensated. I am traveling to the country of dreams, the US of A, this weekend (27th May 2007) for a business trip. At least my company and the team assumes that its a business trip. I have not allowed this lousy feeling to sink in me yet. I am already in a holiday frame of mind and would love to be there in that mood - throughout!

For all those people who are already wondering where am I going, then let me break the suspense (Frankly, I wonder whether there remains anyone, even in the third-degree node of my friend-tree, whom I have not bugged bragging about this trip). Well, just FYI, I am going to be in Seattle, WA for about 3-4 weeks. I have heard loads about this city; first time, when I saw the movie Sleepless In Seattle and then later from my Amriki ex-roommates.

There's a million places to visit in and around this lovely city and I am hoping to see atleast half of them! But inspite of this hectic schedule, I will be regularly blogging about my experiences with Uncle Sam. So keep looking at this space for more.

This is just the Silence before the Storm...

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  1. Dude,congrats...pass on your number,will try to contact you.