Saturday, May 26, 2007

Sleepless for Seattle

0200 IST, 27th May 2007. The day has finally arrived. I leave for Seattle in a few hours and I am extremely excited about it!! I have an early morning flight from Bangalore to Seattle via London. Its gonna be the longest day of my life as I'd be traveling ahead of time and not against it.

As I sit in my room now, I have high hopes of seeing some great places there, learn a thousand new things and meet some old and new friends. In my stoppage at London, I am hoping to speak to my dear friend L£O. I wish I had a longer stay there and I could see London as well on Transit Visa; but alas, thats not gonna be the case this time.

So heres my adieu to all my friends and relatives, especially to those whom I couldn't speak over phone. I shall be back in a months time but as you will see, I will just be mouse tap away from you. Keep looking at this space for more....

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