Monday, April 28, 2008

Dinner and Beer after Trek Completion

Today, after 8 days of awesome trekking, we returned to Yuksom at around 4 PM. We all lost some kilograms in these last 8 days. But today after we had baths, I am sure each one of us lost atleast half a kg each.

After we got freshened up, Mr. Kinjong promised us some local beer called 'Chang'. Its made with any kinda grain (this time it was millets) and yeast, fermented for seven days and then served with warm water.

If this beer is served to you in wooden flasks, you are considered a special guest otherwise if its in bamboo you are just any other guest. These flasks are huge and one can keep pouring warm water until the taste fades away.

I shall post about the trek details (after Day 2) soon.

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