Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Orkut Applications - Facebook Beware!!

Orkut just recently launched a suite of Applications which the members can add to their profiles and interact with others - just like Facebook. There were always news (rumors?) about Google developing an application platform for its social networking site - Orkut. They are already up with about 18 desi and non-desi applications. Here they are:

You can add applications links on the left navigation page of your Orkut Profile (again, just like Facebook) which will take your visitors to the respective application.

There are quite good numbers of applications already and within days I see the Application Directory being swarmed by various new apps built by developers worldwide. The ones that I have already explored (and added!) are Music iLike and myHangman.

Music iLike, it seems, has various free MP3 directories and Video libraries from which you can search and handpick your favourite videos and songs. Not just this, if you think of yourself as a Music Buff, you can take the Music Challenge and boast off your scores to friends.

There is one game that I like a lot - Hangman and Orkut's version is called myHangman. This is a flash based app and you can guess Movie Names, Cities, etc.

I shall try out some more of them. Will keep you all posted...

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