Tuesday, May 13, 2008

New Amazon MP3 Clips Widget

Amazon recently launched its Amazon MP3 Clips Widget. It lets you showcase your favourite songs from any genre from Amazon's DRM-free MP3 catalog. One can avoid the manual selection and just add the bestsellers from any of the music genres.

The interface is extremely slick and feature-rich. If you browse over the photo, the entire playlist is revealed and the user can play any track they like. The cost of each MP3 is very minimal ($0.89 to $0.99) and is very competitive with iTunes. The "buy link" takes you to the Amazon's page for that particular Album/Song.

There are neat controls to play the music, switch between clips and adjust the volume. You can hide the controls too. Its amazing how Amazon has managed to fit in so much stuff without cluttering the interface. The sample mp3 clips play for about 30 seconds before automatically switching over.

There are different sizes and versions of the widget that is available: Sidebar, Large and Compact. It looks really cool when the Album Art fades in and out during the song transitions.

Here's my widget which I created by selecting the ever green songs of legendary Indian singer Kishore Kumar. Enjoy!

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