Monday, February 16, 2009

Lucky Se7en @ Goa

7th Jan 2009 - 12th Jan 2009, Goa.
Friendship isn't a big thing - it's a thousand little things. And if you happen to have friends like mine, it feels like a thousand little things every moment!

Such was our trip to Goa this January. Me, Ashu, Kapil, Laakha, Niru, DJ & Swat decided to rock our souls out at Goa. Here's the video of all of us - High on Spirits (both Adrenaline & Alcohol). If you like the video leave us a comment!

If I have to hand-pick the high points of the entire trip, it'd be: White Water Rafting at Dandeli; Adventure Sports at the beaches of Goa; Partying all night at Mambos; and most importantly winning the maximum bet in Roulette on our very last day in Goa. To explain the sequence of these events, here's the slide-show.

But its not just the high points that always matter. We also had some of the little but beautiful moments that shall always be used to have a good laugh in our future booze sessions. Kapil put these wonderful incidents into these comic strips. Here's one of them. This was a real incident of DJ, at his very best, with the wine shop owner. Enjoy!


  1. Its an honour to write the first words about the blog !! 1 word, 9 letters 'FANTASTIC'..Good work dude ..and I gotta pat my back to...modelling karna bhi itna mushkil kaam tha ;)

  2. You guys rock as usual...ROCK ON!!!

  3. Bahut jalan ho rahi hai yaar... abhi burnol lagaya hai shayad kuch aaram mile.
    Waise.. Beautiful memories of a fantabulous trip put together in a remarkable manner..

  4. Now thats an Hatrick... :) everytime u surprise me with the real perfect vedio and the slideshow...

    U guys ROCK !!!

  5. Keep rocking like this... Nice one !

  6. I have always been attracted towards photography... and the kind u do is just unbelievably beautiful...Trust me u can take this up professionally....noone will be happier than me.. phenomenal stuff buddy... keep it up..:)

  7. I feel that, friendship is a big thing because I had got that much lovable friends. Video is very nice.