Thursday, December 13, 2012


Its extremely impressive how far Google has come with its technology advancements; whether it's Project Glass, Google Fiber or the Google Driverless Cars. None of these new technologies are available to the general population yet, but it will certainly change the way we live our lives, whenever they get launched.

One technology that was launched years ago but still blows out my mind is Google Earth. As with all other Google products, this masterpiece has improved in features and performance, year over year. The cool addition of 3D buildings and 3D terrain maps on iOS/Android version of the Google Earth App has impressed one and all. It has given each one of us wings to fly to any part of the world and witness the spectacular views made by man and nature.

This app on my iPhone gave me the idea to use the Google Earth App and recreate the scenes depicted in the pictures that I have clicked over so many years. Here's the first such creation of mine of the Twin Peaks. Let's call them EarthClicks.

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